TBC Rendezvous on April 1st & 2nd, 2023


Our event is home to a 45-target tournament with many unique shots such as running animals, pop-up targets, speed rounds, and a steel target which provide opportunities for bonus points. There are also novelty events such as Last Man Standing, Broadhead Challenge, Smoker Round, and Long Distance Clout. All of our tournament targets are placed with your fun in mind as well as ethical hunting practices for traditional archery. No targets are set past 45 yards, but you can expect the occasional obstruction in your shooting line as you may find in the wild.


  • Traditional, Recurve, Longbows and Self bows only
  • No stabilizers, sights, elevated rests 
  • No clickers
  • If arrow lands on line, shooter gets higher score
  • 3 courses, 45 targets total
  • Saturday, 30 targets. Sunday, 15 targets 
  • Scorecards due by noon on Sunday
  • 10-8-5 scoring on 2 arrows
  • 2 scorecards for each shooter

Age Classes

  • Super Senior > 70+ years
  • Senior > 60-70 years
  • Adult > 18-59 years
  • Young Adult > 15-17 years
  • Youth > 12-14 years
  • Cub > 11 and under


  • Gates open on Thursday
  • All parties must be off premises by 8am Monday
  • Dry camping is available on-site, first come first serve
  • NO FIRES, small propane burners are permitted

Event Schedule

  • Food available on site Friday-Sunday by Kneaded Cuisine & Sunrise Organics
  • Shooters meeting: Saturday 8am
  • Shoot begins: Saturday 9am
  • Scorecards must be turned in by 12 noon on Sunday
  • Last Man Standing: Saturday 4pm
  • Broadhead Challenge: Saturday 5pm
  • Raffle: Sunday 2pm
  • Awards Ceremony: Sunday 3pm


  • General Raffle
  • Bow Raffle
  • Item donations welcome for the raffle, those who donate will receive five free general raffle tickets!

Bow Classes


Any bow which has the tips of the working limbs bent backwards in the opposite direction from the draw when at rest. This allows the bow to develop extra power when drawn, to store and release energy more efficiently, as well as increasing velocity in the arrow by adding an extra flick in the arrow at the last second as the arrow starts to leave the string.

The amount of recurve can vary from a slight curve at the tips, (similar to a ']' shape) to a total curve whereby the whole working limb of the bow bends backwards from the handgrip, giving a totally reversed 'C' shape, sometimes curved backwards to the point that the two tips will actually touch when unstrung (also known as 'retro-flexed').

Self Bow

A one piece bow, usually made of a single stave of wood, or any other single material. A self bow also may be made of two staves of wood of the same type, jointed at the midpoint, to give a single length of uniform strength and uniform properties. This is often necessary due to the difficulty of getting a single bow stave of a decent length without knots, warps or other defects. This is the main style of traditional bow but can be applied to solid fiberglass, steel, horn, etc.

Longbow - Wood & Aluminum/Carbon

Usually a 'Self' or 'Backed' bow, the longbow is effectively a straight (or slightly curved) length of wood with string on each end. Fiberglass, steel and composite longbows are also common. A longbow has no recurves, no pulleys or cams, and is the traditional shape associated with the European archers of the middle ages.

At our TBC archery shoots, we break the longbow into two classes: longbow wood and longbow aluminum/carbon. The difference is what kind of arrow you are shooting with your longbow.


Our event is host to many vendors who offer a broad range of goods, from archery equipment, to custom jewelry and hand-forged knives. Boutique custom bow builders join us every year to show off their newest creations. Our vendors have historically played a huge part in the success of our raffle and we are grateful for their support!

If you are interested in vending, please reach out via email for more information.