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Sad News

Steve Abbott  passed away Jan. 29, 2014.

He was as most of you know, a well known and accomplished bowyer and friend in Traditional Archery.   This was very sudden and unexpected.

It is probable -but not yet confirmed that he died from complications due to a blood infection or disorder of some type.  He went to the doctors, was admitted, went into a coma and passed soon after that this morning.

He will be missed by the many who knew him and met him at the Traditional Shoots around the country.  Many of you own and shoot his well made  and easy shooting bows. He was a regular Vender at our Chamberlin Shoot every April and donated many bows to our Raffle over the years. We are sad and still in disbelief that he is gone....he was 61.


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Chamberlin Shoot April 12-13th, 2014

Flyers mailed  Feb. 5th, 2014

The road into the ranch IS now graded and  graveled as of  2013!  No more mud bowl slip and slide! Yippie!

1948 - 2013


1948 - 2013

Howie Harville 1948-2013    

1948 - 2013

We have lost another friend in Archery Howard "Howie" Harville  passed away August 10th  this year. He succumbed to his Kidney cancer after a long courageous  fight. He was one of the nicest gentleman you'd ever want to meet. Many of you may remember him at the shoots from time to time selling his wonderful primitive bows. He was busy accomplished bowyer, he was a hunter, bee keeper, a Tae Kwon Do yellow belt (this year) among other many other things-We thank him for fighting for our country in Viet Nam.  Howie really lived life to the fullest. We who knew him will miss talking with him, he was so enthusiastic about life and had a good attitude until the end. He will be missed.


   John Burns  passed



We have lost another friend in archery, John Burns died Saturday Feb. 18th. after a long and courageous fight with pancreatic cancer. John was great friend, a man of his word and an unbelievably talented arrowsmith that is as well known for his straight arrows as he is for his limp which is another "arrow" story. Many loved John as Vince and I did, he will for sure  be missed by many. There will never be another like John, he was one of a kind, quite a character and was blessed with the most lovely sense of humor...


Bennie and Big John

Many of you already know that another special archery friend Bennie Harrington has passed after a VERY long and courageous battle to survive several surgeries with many set backs . He was a very close friend as you know to Vince and I,  passed away last Fall on September 16th 2010. His pal Froto died a few weeks earlier.  He was great friend and like a father to me - I can't tell you how hard it has been losing Bennie and Big John this past year.

Our very dear friend  Big John Wade passed away unexpectedly Thursday morning August 19th 2010.

He was a very good friend to many. A devoted Christian and great man who loved his friends and devoted his time freely to the things he loved, family, friends, his church community and archery. He was a great blessing to the clubs who were lucky enough to have his time and hard work one of which was TBC and the Chamberlain Event. We will miss him more than anyone can know. We are so happy that we spent a week  with him at his Traditional event in Mammoth end of July. We loved him dearly. We know John is happy in Heaven. We are the ones, his friends and family who feel the pain of his loss greatly. God Bless Big Guy...Cathy andVince   

Annual Memorial shoot In July in Mammoth











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